About SBI

Specialized in the designing, building and marketing of solid-fuel-burning appliances and venting products.

A modern building, equipped with robots and other state of the art machinery

In order to produce the best heating systems, SBI dreamt big: the company invested in a world-class infrastructure that includes over 10,000 square feet dedicated to research and development.

Present all over the world

The reputation of our products, designed and built by SBI, goes well beyond our borders. In addition to Canada, the United States and Europe, they are also available in Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, and Australia through a distribution network that is constantly growing.

Our management team

Marc-Antoine Cantin

President & Business developement

Jean-François Cantin


Francis Fortin

General Manager & Supply chain

Louis-Pierre Côté


Jonathan Gagné

Information technology

Geneviève Demers

Human resources

Pierre Pleau


Larry Bilodeau


Jean l’Heureux

Customer service

Neil Gibson

Sales-Home Centers

Robin Hemming


Olivier Langis


A welcomed recognition

The awards that SBI has received are the result of non-stop teamwork. They reflect a value that is cherished by the company: surpassing oneself.

  • 2017

    Recipient of Distinction Award from Healthy Enterprises Group - Healthy Lifestyle and Stress Management Category – Small and Medium Enterprise

  • Vesta Award Winner. Prize for innovation in the central heating systems category (pneumatic self feeding pellet system)

  • Winner of Work-Family Balance Award (50 or more employees) - Québec's Ministry of the Family

  • 2016

    Vesta Award Winner. Prize for innovation in the central heating systems category

  • 2015

    Vesta Award Winner. Prize for innovation in the wood pellet fireplace category

  • 2013

    Bronze Recipient Quality Canada Awards for Excellence

  • 2012

    Grand Prix Québécois de la qualité Mention

  • 2011

    Gold SME – National Bank of Canada (Québec region)

  • 2011

    Silver laureate SME Export – National Bank of Canada (Province of Québec)

SBI, a company's amazing history

We started building stoves back in 1978. Discover the story that defines us today.

Our profile, our pride

SBI is a Canadian family-owned business that designs, builds and markets residential heating products that are sold throughout the world.

Our mission

Perfecting the Art of Fire

Our customers

Distributors, wholesalers, home improvement centers, specialized retailors are what makeup our clientele base.  Our products are sold as much in North America as in Europe,  Oceania, South America and Africa.

Our values