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A challenging environment

« Out of school as a mechanical engineering technician, I could not have done better. I have advanced from machine programmer to developer/designer. Reno, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Orlando, Nantes and Frankfurt are all cities I have been to by taking part in and visiting exhibitions. Captain of the SBI hockey team, skater of the Official Winter Pentathlon Team, we've built a gym inside our beautiful plant to ensure SBI moves!!! Our end of year parties always creates a memorable atmosphere with themes from “Cowboys” to “the 80’s”. »

Eric Blouin

A stimulating quality of life for passionate people...

SBI offers its employees inspiring, healthy and safe work environments. Our plants are modern and offer user-friendly environments that encourage teamwork.


SBI's Activity Committee organizes regular activities or celebrations to mark significant events for the company or simply to celebrate a birthday or the holiday period.

Rest and recreation area

Employees can take their breaks on one of our terraces, our recreation room, our lounge or our cafeteria.

Sports during lunch hour

Whether you are a runner, cyclist, hockey player or a casual sportsperson, at SBI you will find colleagues willing to share your passion.

Community Involvement

SBI wishes to support employees who are involved in the community. To do so, a donations and sponsorship program has been created.


SBI's simple hierarchy facilitates the sharing of information between the different stakeholders. Also, all employees take part in monthly meetings with the managers to get an update on the various SBI projects and any other topic they wish to discuss.

SBI is a well-managed company that offers competitive salaries and where family spirit is honored. It has managed to grow despite the economic crisis of recent years. Being well positioned in the market, SBI’s future is bright.
TESTIMONIAL Jimmy Shannon, Mechanical Engineering Technician since 2003